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App Feature One

Recording starts by simple click to an icon to start/stop app.

App Feature Two

Options for improved video recording with predefined preferences.

App Feature Three

Possibility to view and share all recorded video files.

App Feature Four

File saving method on external storage.

App Feature Five

Working on wide range of android devices with opportunity of using on nonrooted devices.

App Feature Six

Possibility to schedule your video recording (available in Pro version).

App Feature Seven

Great choice of audio or video settings to get high quality video in contrast to the stock version.

How it works

You can view a video demo for app to know how the app works on youtube too. You can also scan QR codes for the app download links.


Main screen

Settings screen

Video settings

Camera settings

File format

Video resolution

Audio settings

Video content

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start/stop video recording using Background Video Recorder?

There are 3 methods of enabling or disabling video recording using application. application - press "Enable" to start or "Disable" to stop recording.
2.Find second icon of the application and enable or disable just by clicking it. application - go to "Menu" - select "Enable" or "Disable" for desired action.

How can I change options for best video quality?

To achieve best video recording quality you can change below video options
open application - press "Menu" button - go to "Video Settings".
a) select "Video encoder" as - H264.
b) select "Video encoding bitrate" as - 10Mbps (higher bitrate produces the best quality if supported by device).
c) "Video resolution" option is optional and it depends on your choice.

What can be done in case of impossibility of video recording using Background Video Recorder application?

If you have faced with problem during first time of recording , please try to make follow steps application - press Setting button (you can select Setting preferences over Menu too).
2.go to "Video Settings" - check "Enable in case of exception option".

How can I view all recorded video files by Background Video Recorder?

You can find all of your video files in below folder.
method 1) open "My files" - go to "videorec" folder.
method 2) open application - go to "Menu" - select "Video Records" - play any selected file.
You can easily send, share or sync your recorded files by above mentioned way too.

How can I use ready profiles types for video recording?

You can use ready profile types with predefined settings to record video (video bit rate,fps and so on). application - press Setting button (you can select Setting preferences over Menu too).
2.go to "Video Settings" - check "Enable in case of exception option". Profile Settings. desired type from Profile types.
Please also define appropriate video resolution and focus mode in this case for better video quality.

What's the differences between Free and Premium version?

By buying Background Mobile Recorder Premium version you'll get enhanced options to manage your video recording.
1. Scheduling time to start video recording.
2. Disabling/enabling all type of the app notifications.
3. Muting camera shutter sound.
4. Disable vibrating method.
5. Hiding main screen buttons of the app.
6. Changing folder name for recorded files.

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